Dedicated Fiber

Businesses in need of high-performing internet often choose dedicated internet access. The consistent, high-quality performance of dedicated connections delivers fast upload and download speeds, as well as quality-of-service (QoS) options. It gives your key business applications and network traffic the priority they need.

What is it?

Internet Dedicated Services uses ultrafast, full-duplex connections to deliver scalable internet connectivity to power your business operations and network applications.

How does it help you?

It can help you support high-bandwidth applications, easily share information and enable high-speed transactions. Burstable and tiered pricing options help you dial up bandwidth with demand.

Our Dedicated Internet Services can help position your business for growth in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

  • Security

Get a cloud-based security system, minimize business risk for distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and reduce downtime.

  • Flexibility

Scale speeds and bandwidth up or down as your needs change.

  • Reliability

Prioritize critical applications with customizable quality of service.

  • Performance

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring and reporting and strong service level agreements supported by an extensive global IP backbone.

  • Speed

Meet demands with proven high-speed fiber internet connectivity, backed by strong SLAs.

  • Your choice of equipment

We offer integrated access devices from ADTRAN, Cisco and Cradlepoint.

  • Installation and maintenance

Our technicians can install your equipment and provide ongoing maintenance, including 24/7 proactive monitoring.

  • Wireless backup

Choose our 4G LTE wireless backup feature with 1 GB monthly data allowance to maintain critical communications in the event of a wireline outage.

  • Internet Dedicated Essential

If your building is linked to our network, you can more easily and affordably take advantage of enterprise-grade speeds and networking services. 


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