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Lata Communications will help your business save the time, money and effort that’s normally associated with managing your IT services. Our team of knowledgeable telecom consultants have over 25 years of industry experience and are equipped to provide you the most comprehensive solutions for your business.

We will modernize your business processes with:



Start by discussing the migration project with all relevant stakeholders, calculating TCO of your current deployment, and discovering what parts of your application portfolio may benefit from a migration.


Telecom Service Audit

Are you wondering if your company is paying too much for telecom services? Are there services out there that would benefit your company that your provider is not currently providing?


Migrate & Deploy

Select a migration strategy, out of the four strategies we define in the following section. Identify the tools and technologies that will help you migrate each application, and use them to apply the appropriate migration strategy


We’ve been both setting up the hardware and the software for them, as well as optimized their IT office processes and virtualized their working and/or client data.

We’ve got few important principles, which we stand by in all our operations:

1. We optimize business processes and make those easier…

2. We optimize our prices and make them affordable

3. We embrace all the latest technologies, so we can offer as wide a range of professional IT solutions, as only technically possible these days…

Our Commitment

We position ourselves as business partners: loyal, trusted associates who provide the skills and resources to help you achieve profitable results.

That's how much lower our prices are, compared to our competitors
That's how faster our tech support's response time is
Percentage of first time clients, who become our returning customers
“Technology is best when it brings people together.”