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Lata Communications is strategically partnered with RingCentral and Verizon. With over 30 years of combined experience, our consultants feel we are uniquely positioned to offer leading edge services in networking and unified communications.

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Numerous organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of cloud-based communications and collaboration services to ensure their employees can exchange ideas and data from any device and any location


Imagine Managed SD WAN as the head coach of your network. Without a leader, existing network deployments are just a collection of individual players.

Dedicated Fiber

Did you know that when you sign up for internet with an internet service provider (ISP), you’re sharing internet through a single cable with everyone in your area?


The fifth generation of wireless technology promises more than just a faster network. It will help redefine the network, establishing a new global wireless standard for speed, throughput and bandwidth. A 5G network builds a bridge to the future.

Cloud Solutions

Take advantage of the best cloud resources for your applications by connecting to multiple clouds from different providers with pre-provisioned, secure high-speed connections.

Telecom Audit

Carrier expenses are among the most controllable costs for your enterprise. But the complexity of vendor services and contracts can introduce errors that can be hard to identify for most companies.

Our IT solutions helped thousands of businesses to virtualize & become smarter!

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"We have a medium sized hedge fund company, which faced the problem of the data being stored locally and separately… The virtualization solutions that the LataComm offered …"
William Hague
"The investment company I own once signed up for Arnatera consultations. Since then, we’ve been showing a steady year-by-year growth for 23 years long, in big part thanks to timely and spot-on advice by LATA Communications"
Richard Lesberry
"As we were moving a to a new office, we needed to set up all our devices and operational IT systems, for more than 500 workplaces… These guys managed to accomplish it all in under 3 days!"
Edward Krotos

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During all the years that our IT consulting business has been in the operation, we've been helping business across all size scales and commercial niches... No IT issue can be a road-blocker for us, we will make it all work for you.

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